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Email ATP



Over the years, Cyber criminals have become more inventive in their attack methods to infiltrate existing technologies that are often overlooked. Emerging eMail security threats via low-volume, targeted attacks are more common now than ever, designed to remain undetected for as long as possible. The need to identify suspicious eMail messages early in the outbreak cycle is critical.

Cloud eMail Advanced Threat Protection


Silicon eMail Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enables organizations to combat  advanced threats with its multi layered, multi-tiered security approach using multiple threat intelligence detection & prevention tools.


Cloud eMail ATP is built using the best of breed technologies, Cisco being the leading one, to deliver the highly effective and accurate eMail security


Secure Your Inbox with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)


  • Our email security services are fortified with advanced threat protection for your On-Cloud or On-Premise setups.
  • Logix email threat protection solution has been innovatively curated with a multi-layered, multi-tiered security approach.
  • These Email ATP threat detection and prevention solutions are refined to keep up with modern dangers.
  • We specialize in identifying and catching domain spoofing using domain authentication techniques like rDNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Email Threat Prevention


SNPL Email Advanced Threat Protection offers protection against major email-borne threats. A few of the email threats we combat:


  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Spear-phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Domain Impersonation / Spoofing
  • Cryptoware
  • Advanced malware
  • Zero-day, Whaling Attacks
  • Other emerging threat

Setting Up Your Email Security Service


We sell, implement, migrate and support email security services for business enterprises. Logix solutions are compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, on premise or hosted Microsoft Exchange, and other mailing solutions.



  • Understanding the present mail setup, its topology and mail flow.
  • Dealing with issues faced with present email security.
  • Customizing as per customers’ specific needs w.r.t content filtering and data protection.



  • Complete setup of the email security gateway along with the shared cloud (if cloud deployment).
  • Mail routing & firewall setup for smooth email traffic.
  • Performing an Active Directory Integration for Recipient Checks.



  • Considering policies of Whitelisting / Blacklisting
  • Working with existing Content Control Policies.
  • Determining actions for each type of threat.



  • DNS configurations for MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
  • IP Whitelisting on your firewall.
  • Configuring Upstream SMTP on Mail Setup.

Service Add-Ons


Domain Spoofing Prevention

Our comprehensive compliance-based DMARC solution that safeguards your business against domain phishing, spoofing.


On Cloud Deployment

With the flexibility, scalability and high reliability of the Logix Cloud, deployment is easier, faster and more secure.


On Premise Deployment

With the on premise deployment option, the data resides on your network premises, thus reducing the dependency on the Internet for local mails.


24 x 7 Support

With our unmatched 24 x 7 support, we’ve managed to garner our customer’s trust. We’re Always Online with our “Anywhere Support”.


Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) safeguards you from all email-borne advanced threats. We use multi-tiered filters which prevent advanced malware, business email compromise, forged emails and cousin domain abuse.