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Managed SIEM

Security Operations Center Services



Protect your organization with SILICON Managed Security Services. Silicon can onboard diverse data to eliminate blind spots, we detect complex threats with a powerful detection engine and machine learning based anomaly detection. Our team delivers 24×7 threat detection, investigation, and response to security threats with great efficiency.

Managed Security at the Speed Of Silicon


Speed Wins


Silicon platform is built for high-speed detection of threats, designed for quick searches, automated detections, custom dashboards, drill down to underlying data.
With prebuilt data integrations, Silicon can quickly centralize information from your cloud, network, endpoints, applications — any source you like, really.


Establish a Holistic View


Gathering your data is the first step. Enabling uniform analysis is the next. With Silicon, you can centrally analyze information like logs, flows, and contextual data from across your environment — no matter how disparate your data sources


Streamline SecOps Workflows


Silicon security team combines with an interactive workspace to detect and respond to threats. Triage events and perform investigations, gathering findings on an interactive timeline. Ad-hoc correlation quickly turns data into insight, while built-in case management and downstream workflow tool integrations ready our analysts to take action.


Gain Visibility Into Your Environment


We interact with your data through our dashboards. View contextually relevant data on aggregation charts.


Surface Anomalies with Machine Learning


Expose unknown threats with anomaly detection. Equip threat hunters with evidence-based hypotheses. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t. Achieve rapid value with prebuilt ML jobs and algorithms.


Automate Detection with High-fidelity, Prioritized Rules


Continuously guard your environment with correlation rules that detect behaviors and tools indicative of potential threats. Compare against
threat indicators and prioritize accordingly.

Prevent, Detect and Respond to Threats


If you’ve deployed an agent to collect endpoint data, why not also prevent malware and ransomware with
that same agent? SILICON prevents, detects, and responds to threats — all with a single agent.

An integrated solution that covers a broad threat spectrum of use cases leveraging existing security tools.

Threat Detection


  1. Ransomware
  2. Malware
  3. Spyware
  4. Unknown

Insider Threats


  1. Malicious Insider
  2. Compromised Creds
  3. UEBA
  4. Privilege Misuse

Brute Force Attacks


  1. Ransomware
  2. Malware
  3. Spyware
  4. Unknown

Cyber Espionage


  1. Advance Persistent Threats (ATP)
  2. Data/IP Exfiltration

Vulnerability Exports


  1. Unknown
  2. Know OS
  3. Apps
  4. Firmware

Email/Web Exploits


  1. Spear Phishing
  2. Apps Exploit
  3. Social

Why Silicon?

We combine deep visibility, best practices, risk detection, prevention in our SOC as a service.

We Focus On Prevention


Our belief is that a good cyber security posture can prevent incidents, so why not detect mis-configurations, vulnerabilities and fix them?


World Class Security Technology Stack


Peregrine brings best of the breed widely used proven technology stack to our customers. The stack is used and proven across the world


Risk Based Approach


We identify key assets of the organization, assess the risks applicable and build a Risk Monitoring approach tailored to the organiation’s needs


Trained Specialists


Our team members are not just incident monitoring or coordinators. We are cyber security specialists in MDR