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Cloud Migration Services

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Cloud Migration Services

SNPL’s expertise in cloud migration stems from the migration of thousands of workloads to and from the service provider and public cloud environments. We understand what it takes to plan, design, test, and execute a migration that minimizes complexity, downtime, and business risk while delivering results quickly and affordably. Every engagement benefits from the expertise of our migration consultants and project managers. We’ve been there and done it, from the complexities of each source and destination platform to the nature of the myriad of business systems.



Whether you’re migrating a single application or thousands of virtual machines, our cloud-agnostic migration experts will assist you in achieving your goals quickly and affordably.



Planning Services


It is critical to understand your current estate in order to ensure a successful migration. The foundation is a workload inventory, which is supplemented by information on sizing, operating systems, database platforms, and application compatibility. This enables determining the suitability of individual systems for cloud migration and then grouping them according to their dependencies. After that, you can begin planning your migration.


It may appear overwhelming to gather and organize all of this information. Our cloud-based planning service can assist you. Cloud planning alleviates the pain associated with determining what you have, what can and should migrate to the public cloud, and how much each of the major providers will charge. The service combines best-in-class discovery tools with our expertise gained from moving tens of thousands of workloads to provide you with the detail necessary to migrate the appropriate services to the appropriate cloud.



Migration Services


Migrations of any size can be time-consuming, complex, and costly. Managing downtime windows, dependency groups, and testing become a significant project very quickly.


SNPL’s Cloud Migration services alleviate the pain associated with cloud migration. Our dedicated cloud consulting team has successfully migrated tens of thousands of workloads across multiple cloud platforms and thus understands how to ensure the success of your migration. By combining this expertise with our mature framework and dependable project management, we are able to deliver rapid migrations with the least amount of risk.



May 18, 2021