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Hyper Converged Infrastructure

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Hyper Converged Infrastructure

The Next Generation of Converged Infrastructure: Hyper-Convergence


Information technology has been a vital and integral part of every business plan since its inception. IT is used by businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations that maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a single computer. The reasons for computer technology’s pervasive use in business can best be determined by examining how it is used across the business world.


While the most obvious benefit of technology in small businesses is increased productivity – which results in a lower cost structure – improved speed, ease of sharing and storing information, and a reduction in human error through automation all contribute to cost savings and revenue growth.


Converged infrastructure systems empower IT by simplifying the IT environment and delivering the technology your organization requires by combining integrated, software-defined compute and storage resources with automated discovery and configuration.


Typically, all combined resources are managed via a single interface. This enables infrastructure to be consumed in a manner similar to that of public cloud services.



We strongly recommend hyper-converged infrastructure services to enterprises as an alternative to legacy solutions due to their simplicity and flexibility.



The integrated storage systems, servers, and networking switches are designed to be managed in unison across all instances of a hyper-converged infrastructure. The inherent management capabilities simplify use, and software-defined storage is expected to result in increased scalability and resource efficiency.


Our Team is experienced and equipped with:


  • Enabling enterprises with use cases mapped to business needs
  • Preparing TCO and ROI
  • Eventual implementation


Simplified Adoption of Hyper-Convergence


Hyper-Convergence streamlines IT infrastructure and makes data center management easier than ever. Easily one of the most critical characteristics is decreased management complexity.

Modern businesses’ pressing demands consume valuable information technology resources in terms of planning, implementing, and managing technology.
With hyper-convergence, IT teams can refocus their efforts on more strategic initiatives rather than managing disparate, aging systems.


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure products merge server, storage and hypervisor in scale-out nodes


Hyper-converged infrastructure eliminates the need for a discrete server, storage, and networking equipment by consolidating them into a single pre-configured box. Typically, hyper-converged appliances include an embedded hypervisor and scale-out capability that enables nodes to be added easily to increase capacity and performance. This scale-out capability enables IT departments to scale the infrastructure much more precisely; in many cases, one node at a time. Additionally, it enables workload distribution across nodes, resulting in increased resilience in the event of hardware failure.


Built-in snapshot capabilities are included in hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, either in conjunction with the hypervisor or as an optional feature. These infrastructure solutions incorporate data de-duplication, which makes it simple to move applications after the initial copy between locations occurs.


Pioneering the Enterprise Cloud


Hyper-converged infrastructure is gaining traction with businesses of all sizes. It is a response to organizations seeking cost-effective, simple, scalable, and flexible IT infrastructure in today’s digital world. By consolidating critical IT components, it aids in the creation of a virtual data center.


SNPL’s experienced technology team has hands-on experience with the HCI platform, which has been used by enterprises to run mission-critical operations ranging from PKI Ecosystem to Datacenter Consolidation to Commissioning Disaster Recovery Sites to establish private cloud.


Hyper-Convergence is changing the world including the world of Financial Services & Insurance, High Tech & Cloud Services industries


Financial services firms are under increasing pressure to develop new and innovative solutions in order to maintain peak productivity while coping with unprecedented data growth, current cyber-security threats, and growing regulatory requirements.


This change in the ‘new normal’ requires rethinking IT infrastructure


By combining the security and control of on-premises IT infrastructure with the scalability and economics of cloud deployments, the migration to on-premises, managed, and hybrid cloud solutions have created an incredible opportunity for financial services institutions (FSIs) such as banks, financial market firms, and insurance companies.


Hyper-converged data center solutions, built on web-scale technologies, provide the ideal foundation for financial services firms seeking profitable growth and increased competitiveness while keeping up with changing business and customer demands, complying with stricter regulations, and mitigating new risks.


April 10, 2020